Go ahead, put it on top of the car

You’re getting in the car, and you’re in a hurry. You’ve got your hands full of important objects, yet, there’s a handy, flat, perilous surface right in front of you: the top of the car. Perilous because of the off chance you forget to remove said important objects from the top of the car before you race off to your destination.

But fear no more. Go ahead and use this handy surface. Just set your keys down, too!

Yeah yeah, you’ve got a spare key in your pocket, one of those start buttons that works when the key is nearby, or something like that. If that’s you, you’re on your own.

But if you’re me, you’re stoked.

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One thought on “Go ahead, put it on top of the car”

  1. Wish I would have seen this yesterday,before I left the store, but the turkey stayed on, and it was completely thawed by the time I got to the beach!

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