Back to School Day

Eva and I returned to Tamarindo after an amazing week on the Nicoya Peninsula. Excellent waves, waterfalls, beaches, food.

One more week of school and our monthlong honeymoon will come to an end. What a fantastic trip it’s been! Of course, it’s not over yet; we’re looking forward to more Spanish classes, and of course surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, jungle tours, etc. It will definitely be tough to leave.

Quick wedding photo update: just received some pics from Mark Aiken. Check ’em out. Thanks, Mark!

Hey Mark, you might want to look out for this impostor.

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One thought on “Back to School Day”

  1. I love the photos. Your honeymoon sounds fabulous. The wedding was wonderful. I can’t wait to find and eat tons of those grape leaf appetizers. Will look forward to seeing you and Jason’s and Erika’s wedding–all three of us (Doug too!) will be there. We’re going to Orcas Island and some others prior for a little vaca. Much love, Karleen, Doug, Toren, Bean, Bill and Bill.

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