Don’t Bother With LaTeX

The biggest problem I see with elegant, declarative markup languages like LaTeX is that, in a nutshell, relatively few people know how to use them. Collaboration often requires the lowest common denominator, and that means a document editor like Writer.

But LaTeX is fun. It is always consistent. The final result is beautiful. Since you are editing source code (unless you use LyX), you have complete control over the final document. Ideally, you forget about trying to bold this, indent that and focus instead on the content of what you write.

I can’t help it, I find myself using LaTeX for more and more documents. What the heck is wrong with me?

It is possible when using Writer to keep your document clean and simple, use styles profusely, and focus mostly on content, only dipping into presentation at one time, and some people do in fact do this.

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