Getting Outside

I love going outside. However, perhaps because I’m a complete internet/computer addict or just feel more comfortable in my “nest”, there is definitely a bit of resistance that must be overcome before I actually lace up the sneaks and breathe fresh air. Eva (and I) purposely found a place to live near the places we work, learn, and commune, so proximity is often a handy excuse for walking, running, biking, or busing to wherever we might be going. And I’m actually exercising. Yay! Here’s some proof.

Oh, and what would this post be without something nerdy? The routes were downloaded off a wristwatch GPS as XML, and munged by a Python script I’ll eventually generalize, clean up and release publicly.

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One thought on “Getting Outside”

  1. Brother likes his hills! So you find the GPS watch works pretty well for you? I had an older model Forerunner and really didn’t like it. Poor precision, would lose the lock, and just too much information. The last one is the most important – there’s something that just feels incredibly good about not having my whole existence wired back into the b0rg and for me, that’s running. In spite of this, the evil geek angel on the other shoulder is saying “faster cold locks! higher attenuation!” and constantly tempting me to look at a new GPS watch.

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