3 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates”

  1. How hard would it be for wordpress to do client-side validation and tell me “you can’t click ‘submit’ if you haven’t typed in your email address”? It would probably be pretty easy. Easier than it’s going to be for me to have to type out the whole actual comment that I had again (since FF lost it between browse forward to the validation screen telling me my email address was blank and now when it was all lost).

    :[email protected]!!!!

  2. OK – so is zipgrep different from zgrep? zgrep (as I understand it) unzips and greps on the fly.

    Have you checked out agrep? THAT puppy cooks. I need agrep much more often than simple grep, so I usually wind up using some of the other ztools (zcat, zmore, etc.) like:
    zcat foo.zip | agrep -d EOF fun
    and party all day long!

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