Mifos opportunity: i18n

We need help with i18n (and support of L10n) in Mifos. Are you interested in becoming the Mifos i18n champion? It’s a great volunteer opportunity! The work should be intermittent, and basically at your leisure. One of the really fun parts is working with the folks at Translatewiki.net… they added a bunch of messages from our “questionnaire” module, and after a few days it was completely translated to Interlingua, Macedonian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Finnish! There’s an army of talented translators ready to help.

Here are some example tasks for the i18n champion:

  • Make sure messages in Mifos are translatable.
  • Document messages and resolve issues mentioned on our Translator Helpdesk.
  • Hang out in #mediawiki-i18n (an IRC channel on Freenode), answer Mifos questions when they come up, or add them to the Translator Helpdesk.
  • Work on specific i18n issues: MIFOS-3859, MIFOS-3821, MIFOS-2018 and others.
  • Improve and refine the Mifos i18n/L10n guide.

See also: #Mifos, #microfinancing and #Wikimedia


A day after I sent out this call for help we got two volunteers! Thank you, Stanley Kwok and Jasmine Sandhu!

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