A Change In Scenery

Participate. Change. Move. Commit. Live. Love. Try. Feel.

Deep, huh? :D

I’m really moving out of Renton. Now. I’m serious. I turned in vacate notice for my current pad and gave verbal agreement to live in the Inspiring Attic. YEEE HA, M’IN!

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4 thoughts on “A Change In Scenery”

  1. Yo! What up! You don’t have to Renton-Hate. Congratulate!

    Love the Renton. Embrace the Renton. Be one with the Renton.

    ….Ok, just kidding! Renton sucks! I hate it as well and I’m getting the heck outta here! (You’re such a trend-setter) I’m sooooo glad you are getting out Rad! You will do awesome in your new place! Now, run, run, run! Run from Renton before it is too late! :)

    Joya “Hilda the surfer girl” Iverson

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