Don’t Try the Snake

I thought I’d learned a thing or two about unclogging drains, but I was flummoxed at a suddenly and completely plugged-up bathtub this morning at my apartment. Turns out a pinky-sized hole in the insulation let a draft through that was enough to freeze the trap solid! Written in pencil on a section of wall above the trap:

Heater on if below zero for several days.

frozen bathtub drain trap
Indeed, it’s been below zero for a stretch. I guess the previous tenant opted for the band-aid fix instead of just stuffing some insulation in the hole.

Yes, I still love it here in Minnesota, especially because of the weather! It’s a winter wonderland outside. It rarely rains and is often sunny. And as soon as I get my STABILicers™ I’ll feel comfortable running on the ice-rink sidewalks again!