The Mifos user manual sprint; how we’ll break Brooks’s law

I’m really excited for the Mifos user manual sprint tomorrow. We’re using FLOSS Manuals to write our new user manual. FLOSS Manuals is an exciting way to write a book, it provides a framework for high-bandwidth collaboration, publishing to HTML and print, translating, and more. There are many examples of small teams (less than 10 people) publishing large, excellent books in short time periods (less than a week).

We’ll have a video feed going. I’ll be wearing my track suit.

Check out our coordination wiki page and stop by our IRC channel if you’d like to join in! If you’ve ever edited text on a wiki, are brave enough to learn how, or just want to see me in a track suit, come on by.

I suppose I should explain the title of this post. If we can establish a framework for software development on Mifos like we’re running this sprint, we can break Brooks’s law. Why not? The Ksplice folks did it, so we can too!