New Idea for a College Class

“Diversification 101”.

According to Robert Heinlein,

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

Thanks to Dad for the quote, sent to me many years ago.

Life and Death

My bonus mother Georgia Monsen passed away this afternoon, in peace, surrounded by the love of her friends and family. Thank you for your prayers and understanding as I work through this difficult time!

Many people have mentioned that they don’t know what they should do or say around someone that is dying, or their family/friends. Well, I felt the same way when I walked in and saw Geo on her death bed, believe it or not. The title of this post links to a very good booklet on this topic.

Also, it’s fine to discuss the topic with me. Your calls and/or emails are always welcome.

I’ll miss you, Geo.

Tonga Ridge

Eva and I had a nice overnighter this weekend at Tonga Ridge. The trail was surrounded by tons of ripe blueberries, of which we harvested a liter. Few mosquitoes. Many yellow jackets. However, these yellow jackets were quite tame, not like the mean ones I’m used to. Once we got used to the background humming of millions of yellow jackets, the trip was quite nice!

Flies, Nostalga, and Fresh Baked Bread

The other day, my friend Mark Aiken passed on some cool tips about flyswatting that I’d like to share with all you on the Interweb. When you go to swat a fly, don’t just slam your hand down on the thing and try to nail it. Clap your hands about four inches above and behind the fly, and it should bounce right into your trap! This works because flys take off by jumping up and backwards. Neat, huh?

I used to play a lot of computer games as a kid. As software falls to the code graveyard, fans are sometimes able to resurrect old games that would otherwise lie forgotten. As is the case with Star Control, which has resurfaced as The Ur-Quan Masters. The game is identical to the original, as far as I can tell. Nice work, team.

Eva made an awesome loaf of dill bread the other day. Yum! There’s nothing like fresh baked bread.

Preemptive Strike: Married Life is Great, Thanks!

Lately I’m often asked, “How’s married life?”. I assume it’s due to my newlywed status.

I’m still trying to think of a witty response. Any ideas?

Anyway, it’s great! We’re learning to live with one another, spending time together, spending time apart, planning our future and finances, driving our biodiesel car, and having an awesome adventure in general. Note to potential couples: your chances at happiness will depend highly on your spousal selection. But your continued success will depend on your follow-through. So, take a long time to decide, then stick to it.

Also, just FYI, I actually like attention resulting from the fact that I, Adam, married Eva, so bring on the fun!

Tooth Study Rejects Dentist’s Son

I was recently denied participation in a UW Dental School study on plaque. I wasn’t at all upset. The screener said that using Listerine and brushing more than once a day excludes me from being an acceptable candidate. Basically my oral hygiene was “too good” for the study! Sweet.

Besides, one of the requirements for participants is that they “be willing to not floss, chew gum, use mouth rinses, or have a regular dental visit for the 7 weeks [they] are in the study”. Gross.

Obligatory Re-Hello

Hello again! So, life goes on. Eva and I sold our gas-powered cars and trucks in exchange for a TDI Jetta! We’re pretty dang stoked with 600 miles per tank. Ah yes, it’s running biodiesel, of course. :)

Breakdancing lessons are continuing at a decent clip; we’re working on handstands and elbow freezes now.

It’s swimming season again, one of my favorite times of the year! Call/write if you want to join me for a Lake Washington swim.

Wedding and Honeymoon

The wedding was absolutely perfect! Thank you to all my friends, family, and my beautiful wife, Eva.

Extra bonus thank-yous go to Dad and Geo (rehearsal dinner and Edgewater were fantastic!), Katie (coordinator extraordinaire!), Karina (loose ends galore!), Forest and the groomsmen (champions!), Anthony (spinMASTER!), Sara R. from Alaska (you rock!), aunty Kay (flowers were perfect!) and everyone else I am failing to mention, not from lack of appreciation but only ’cause I have to pack for Costa Rica! Whew, that was a long sentence.

I’m sure we’ll have some pics/movies to share soon, but here’s a few pictures from when Scott and Michelle were here, and some from the 22nd of March with some of the groomsmen during an officially sanctioned bachelor week event.

Watch this space for info that I’ll post during our Costa Rica honeymoon.

With love,