Shout out to Saxx

This is a bit of a departure from most of what I blog, but staying in shape is also part of my life. As such, I recently ran the Vancouver Marathon with my bro, and we had tons of support from the family along the way (especially Eva!).

At the end of the marathon, Forest and I had a random encounter with some nice folks from a company called Saxx. They claimed they had some fancy new underwear that would eliminate chafing, you know, “down there”. I agreed to try on a new pair and tell them how they fit, in exchange for the underwear.

And the result is online for all to see (safe for work if your coworkers don’t mind lots of talk about balls). Fast-forward to about the four-minute mark to see Forest and I.

So then, here’s my shout out to Saxx. They make a great pair of undies!