Santiago, Chile

Second day in Santiago, Chile. Beatiful, sunny! Travel time was about 24 hours total from Seattle to Santiago.

We decided to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and stay for six nights, then head to northern Chile and continue up into Peru. I’ll probably skip the language class since we’re learning so much just from interacting with the locals.

I will check email today and tomorrow, but possibly not too often after that.


Adam, got your message from Atlanta saying you got there. My phone crashed. Had to send it in for repair. Don’t have your phone pin.
Love, Dad and Geo

Voy a Chile y Peru

Tonight is the last night I will spend in North America for the next month. I’ll try to keep this blog updated, check here for the latest. Feel free to email me, I’ll reply whenever possible.

Any adventurous souls are welcome to come down to meet me! I’m not sure where I’ll be, but email and we can meet.

Adios, amigos. ¡Hasta pronto!

Wild Weather of the West Coast

Went to La Push this weekend with eight awesome companions. Surfing Friday and Saturday was tough work but rewarding. The rain on my head felt refreshing and cleansing. We ate like kings. Sunday morning brought a gigantic storm with twenty-five foot waves! Simply perfect.