Auto-update bind 9 zone database serial numbers

This post is helpful for configuring emacs to automatically update the “Serial” in bind zone databases. I wanted to do the same in Vim, but the solutions in the comments of that post didn’t work for me. Here’s a version that does. It’s yours for free under the Affero GPL v3 (or any later version, at your preference):

function s:BindZoneSettings()
    function s:UpdateBindZoneSerial(date, num)
        if (strftime("%Y%m%d") == a:date)
            return a:date . a:num+1
        return strftime("%Y%m%d") . '01'
    function s:ReplaceBindZoneSerialLine()
        :%s/\(2[0-9]\{7}\)\([0-9]\{2}\)\(\s*;\s*Serial\)/\=UpdateBindZoneSerial(submatch(1), submatch(2)) . submatch(3)/g
    autocmd BufWritePre /etc/bind/db.* call ReplaceBindZoneSerialLine()

offline HTML 5 validation

HTML 5 logo

I’m liking Henri Sivonen’s service. I’ve got it running locally, and it works well. I can use it as a web service and validate HTML from within Vim, using quickfix to rapidly resolve errors. My Jenkins CI server uses the same validator via phpunit tests.

Warning: it took me a very long time to get it running locally. Technically easy (just run a build script), but it downloads tons of libraries and files before it can do its job.

The Power of Lightweight Markups: Presentations

Are you busy clicking away at a slide deck for your next presentation? Want to try something a little different?

Non-nerdy folks following this blog, you’ll probably want to tune out now. Or not! I tried to write this for a wide audience, so come on down the rabbit hole if you dare.

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